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Real Madrid - Manchester CityFernand Canelle, one of the players used, played in France's first official international match on May 1, 1904. The next offense should be over. The club had previously gone nine games without a win in all competitions and only finished 7th in the domestic Seria A. He was succeeded by the 73-time Italian international Gennaro Gattuso, who had previously been associated with AC Milan both as a player and as a coach. However, his mentor and supporter is doubles winner John Goodall, who was also playing for Derby County at the time. Of the number of encounters as captain, five of them stand out: Hugo Lloris has worn the armband in more than 115 international matches since 2010, followed by Didier Deschamps (54, 1994-2000), Michel Platini (50, 1979-1987), Marcel Desailly (49, 1995-2004) and Roger Marche (42, 1950-1959). Between the world wars, the role of captain was most often held by Paul Nicolas (18, 1925-1931), and before the First World War by Jean Ducret (12, 1910-1914). Michel Platini is a special case. It remains to be seen whether this will succeed in the long term, as it did in the case of the reinvention of the German national team. The song reached number one in the German charts. Official senior international matches against the national teams from the former French North Africa have been surprisingly rare: apart from five games against Morocco (independence in 1956, first encounter in 1988), there are five against Tunisia (independence in 1956, first encounter in 1978) and even only One against Algeria (independence in 1962, first encounter in 2001), with spectator riots against Algeria leading to the only game being abandoned in French international history.

Real Madrid - Manchester CityThe A team fared even worse in the semi-final against Denmark: The 1:17 is still the heaviest defeat by a European team in an international match. However, after the Bleus fiasco at the World Cup in South Africa, the contracts were amended under pressure from sponsors and have since included an additional penalty regulation, according to which the association must reimburse up to 10% of the sponsorship money if the team loses reputation. Since 1972, Adidas has been the main supplier of the French national teams, paying 10.5 million euros annually (plus bonuses) for this right until the end of 2010. The Équipe Tricolore have only played twice in France's overseas possessions – which are also home games in the FFF statistics – in 2005 against Costa Rica in Fort-de-France on Martinique and at the beginning of June 2010 on the occasion of a friendly match in the immediate run-up to it the World Cup in Saint-Pierre on Réunion against China. The clashes with France's former West African colonies are similarly sparse: three games against both Cameroon and Ivory Coast and one each against Senegal and Togo.

Real Madrid - Manchester City Owen made his senior national team debut on February 11, 1998 in a friendly against Chile. France's international record with these most frequent opponents is against Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Ireland, Norway, Romania, Luxembourg, Denmark and Iceland – as well as against Israel, Mexico, Japan and Morocco – positive and balanced against Scotland, USSR/Russia, Chile and Uruguay. 18), Romania, Ireland and Denmark (17 each), Poland, Norway, Scotland (16 each) and Iceland (15). When it comes to non-European opponents, Brazil (15, according to another count 16) is ahead of Argentina (12), Uruguay (10), Israel (9), Mexico (7), Japan (6), Morocco, Chile and Australia (5 each). The total number of games also includes three games against national teams from the African or North and Central American continental association – these two games took place in 1972 on the occasion of the Brazilian Independence Cup (Taça Independência, also called "Mini-Copa") – and the world association ( the "FIFA World Stars" in August 2000). Since the Bohemian team was not allowed to take part due to pressure from the Austrian government, the French A team reached the semi-finals without a fight, while the B team lost to Denmark 0-9 in the quarter-finals. In addition, during the corona pandemic, France played repeatedly in front of completely empty stands in 2020 and 2021. In 1928, France was already over in the round of 16 when they lost to Italy 3-4.

Ecuador Fußball Crédit Agricole, GDF Suez and PMU, as additional sponsors Carrefour, Citroën, SFR and Sport 2000 for 1.4 million euros each. According to South Africa's bid documents, arsenal t shirt the total investment volume for the World Cup was $825 million. The TV station TF1 has owned the broadcasting rights since 1987 and now transfers 45.35 million euros to the FFF every year. In addition to Nike and TF1, other companies support the national team financially. The national team has so far competed against 89 opponents from all of FIFA's continental associations (see the chronological list of all international matches with additional statistics on all opponents and the venues). In contrast, only around 300 people witnessed a French 7-0 defeat against Belgium (May 1905 in the Vivier d'Oie stadium in Brussels). The youngest team captain in France's international history was Étienne Jourde, who led his team against Belgium in 1910 at the age of 20 years and three months. The best results were the two cup finals in 1898 and 1899, where he scored the consolation goal for his team in the final of 1898 in the 1-3 defeat by Nottingham Forest. Since they left the game shortly before half-time in the final and were thus disqualified, the French team was also eliminated because the tournament was played using a modification of the Bergvall system.