Charles II (Naples)

AC MailandZidane's two-and-a-half-year tenure proved fruitful: Real Madrid won the UEFA Champions League three times in a row between 2016 and 2018 after beating Atlético Madrid, Juventus Turin and Liverpool in the final, a feat last won by Bayern Munich (1974-1976 ) had succeeded in the European Cup of National Champions. Seedorf is the only player to date to have won the Champions League with three different clubs, winning Manchester United on penalties against league rivals Juventus at Old Trafford. There was an increasing number of women in high positions who asserted themselves against envious men in their professional lives. France playmaker Zinédine Zidane was only able to play in the final group game against Denmark due to injury. In addition, Binbir Gece is one of the three most watched foreign television series in Croatia of the last thirty years that was not filmed in English (along with the Czechoslovakian series The Hospital on the Edge of the City and the Italian hospital series Incantesimo). He enabled Inter to appear in the Champions League after only reaching fourth place in Serie A. The series airs weekly on Thursdays.

Ecuador Fußball Tajne (2013/2014), Vatre ivanjske (2014/2015), Horvatovi (2015/2016) and Prava žena (2016/2017) followed. In 2016/2017 Nova TV broadcast Zlatni dvori with Katarina Baban in the lead role. The Serbian singer Emina Jahović was hired for the main role in the new telenovela Lale devri and will be dubbed for this role. The story about Lisa Plenske has been extended several times, to a total of 645 chapters instead of the originally planned 225. In Love with Berlin and Storm of Love as well as Paths to Happiness were continued after the end of the storyline with new protagonists and a new plot. In China, the dramatic story of Princess Anastasia, told in 127 chapters, secured high ratings. In Nada personal or Xica da Silva, social grievances, prostitution and the high level of crime in Latin America are addressed bluntly, which also had an educational effect. In addition to Nada personal, TV Azteca was able to achieve great success with Mirada de mujer and Cuando seas mía. TV Azteca, in particular, addresses things in its telenovelas that otherwise would never have had the chance to be addressed openly on Mexican television.

Romania is one of the leading nations in Eastern Europe in terms of telenovela production. The production Inimă de ţigan, which was also very popular in Eastern Europe outside of Romania, was particularly successful. The Russian debut was even broadcast in the United Arab Emirates on the EDTV Dubai channel. Brinkmeier himself was a member of the active fan scene for years. He played college football for the University of Utah's Utah Utes, for whom he was the starting quarterback during the 2003 and 2004 seasons. The French Footballer of the Year ("Joueur français de l'année") has been elected every calendar year since 1965 under the direction of the specialist magazine France Football. Among other things, the case of presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta, who was murdered in 1994, was even used in a telenovela, under a different name In Serbia, the popularity of the telenovela Kassandra was so great that the sociology textbook for the 4th grade of high schools mentions it. Folk singer Šaban Bajramović dedicated a song to Kassandra on his then-current album, while Dragana Mirković recorded a video clip for her song Dušu si mi opio, which was heavily inspired by Kassandra. Well-founded studies have shown that during the broadcast of the telenovela, sales of Singer sewing machines rose dramatically, the number of registrations for adult education courses grew steadily and the number of people moving from the country to the city increased significantly.

juventus Studies showed that higher-income audiences with better education and skills preferred TV Azteca's productions over Televisa's. In order to escape the youth cult and to provide other age groups with appropriate topics, river plate jersey TV Azteca included middle-aged characters in the stories much more often. TV Azteca is also increasingly providing male identification images. At the moment, the simulation environment is still relatively simple, only two-dimensional – which makes it difficult, for example, to get the ball away from the goal quickly enough. He scored his first goal in an Arsenal reserve game on October 6 against Stoke City reserves. There were 900 new registrations as the telenovela increasingly focused on leukemia toward the end. The U-20 World Cup ended for the Americans in the quarterfinals against Venezuela. The process reminded him "of the Nazis," explained Herbert Heuss from the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, who had already started "creating lists and files of Jews, Sinti and Roma" before they seized power. There have been ten finals with German participation so far, of which FC Bayern Munich won two in 2013 and 2020.